How much do facialists make? Freelance & employees

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our faces bear the brunt of it. Endless conversation, stress and environment, as well as various health and hormonal changes, can have a huge effect on our skin.

Luckily, facialists exist!

A facialist is a professional skin expert armed with extensive skill and knowledge to care for and nourish skin, helping their clients to feel relaxed and refreshed. This is an extremely beneficial job for both technician and client, and in this blog, we will take you through the average (and desired) facialist salary of both employed and freelance facialists and how much do facialists make in this high-demand industry.

How much do facialists make as employees?

The average facialist wage in Australia sits around $27 per hour, working out as around $55,305 per year, however, this can range anywhere from $41,424 to the higher-end salary of $64,984.

If you are employed by an existing company or salon, it is likely you will be paid within these means, starting out at the lower end of the salary bracket and having the opportunity to work your way up to a greater pay rate.

One of the main advantages of working for a pre-existing business is that you tend to have a regular guaranteed income, making for more financial security when starting out in the industry.

The majority of salons in the beauty industry pay depending on experience. If you are a more experienced facialist it is likely you may start out with a higher salary than someone who has only recently trained and thus has less experience working in person with clients.

Salary rate can also depend on the area in which you specialise, for example, clients will often be charged more for more specialist treatments and expertise, as this can be harder to come by and can set salons apart from others in the industry.

How much can you make if you run your own facialist business?

When it comes to running your own facialist business, the salary can look a little different. Building a business from the ground up can take time and patience, it can take a while to build a solid client base, so if the money isn’t rolling in straight away then don’t fret too much!

Knowing the average wage of more established studios is a really great start if you are looking to set your own treatment and studio rates. Starting by setting your rates slightly lower than your competitors will draw attention, and from there you can gradually raise your prices as your client base and reputation grow.

You can charge different rates for different treatments, perhaps dependent on the skill required to execute them or how long they take. You can also consider charging travel fees if you decide to offer a mobile service.

How hard is it to become a Facialist in Australia?

Like all good things worth having, learning a trade and pursuing your chosen industry takes time and work, but by breaking this down into smaller steps can make things more manageable:

  • Find your passion – Being passionate about your work will always be a top priority. Having a love of making people feel good, as well as a want to continue learning as you go is an excellent start to your beauty adventure.
  • Training – Facialist training is vital to ensure you have all the required skills, tools and knowledge to deliver top quality professional services in the best, safest way.
  • Practice makes perfect – Honing your craft is the only way to improve – the more you dedicate your time to your practice, the better you will get!
  • Build your brand – Find what makes you and your services unique. What sets you apart from other facialists in the business? Why should people choose you?

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