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The beauty industry has a never-ending repertoire of beauty-based jobs, with new treatments and techniques being created everyday, the industry is one that will continue to move onwards and upwards.

In this blog we will take you through the job of a beauty therapist, how to become a beauty therapist in Australia, as well as what jobs there are within this sector and the salary of a beauty therapist.

So, want to know how to become a beauty therapist?

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What is a Beauty Therapist and what do Beauty Therapists do?

Beauty therapists aid in the aesthetic enhancement of their clients, drawing on a multitude of skills to deliver high-quality, professional treatments. From facials and makeovers to nail care, wedding day looks to daily confidence boosts, beauty therapists are there for it all.

It is important to recognise that the job of a beauty therapist goes beyond that of the physical. Beauty treatments are one of the most effective forms of self-care – a refreshing facial or a dazzling manicure can make a world of difference to someone’s confidence and wellbeing. Beauty therapies give us a space to relax and ground ourselves, taking time to be in our bodies and make sure they get some comfort and care in the hustle culture of modern-day life.

Beautician Technician job description – are there different skills that a Beauty Therapist might have?

There are an array of jobs that fall under the beauty therapist umbrella, all of which require various skills:

Makeup Artist

  • MUAs must be able to create stunning makeup looks tailored to each individual client. They will be called upon for all and every kind of event, and so being able to listen to their client and expertly tailor looks and products to each unique face will have clients coming back for more.
  • Lash Technician (e.g. lift and tint, extensions)
  • Lash techs will work around one of the most sensitive areas of the body – the eyes. They must have a steady hand and a whole lotta knowledge about lash care and application.

Eyebrow Technician (e.g. wax and tint, lamination, henna)

  • Eyebrow techs have risen in popularity in recent years, and with brow trends ever-changing, beauty therapists need to keep up! Eyebrow techs must know how to shape and accentuate brows, keeping up to date with the best brow grooming techniques on the market.

Nail Technician

  • A nail tech must know all about the ever-expanding industry of nail art. There will always be call for people to have their nails done – with everything from gels and acrylics to intricate painting techniques, creating beautiful, long-lasting nail looks is the order of the day.


  • Beauty therapist who specialise in facials are at the forefront of skincare and relaxation. They must have extensive knowledge about skincare and maintenance, how to treat different skin types and issues, and offer professional-level, nourishing treatments.

How much does a Beauty Therapist make?

Ever wondered how much does a beauty therapist earn? The average beauty therapist wage in Australia sits around $30 per hour – that’s $58,500 a year!

Whether you are employed by a pre-existing company or are looking to set yourself a self-employed eyelash technician salary, we would suggest starting at the lower end and gradually increasing your prices as you gain reputation.

At entry level, it is likely you will earn around the $53,600 mark, but before you know it you could be earning at the higher end of a lash tech salary – over $72,000 a year!

A beauty therapist pay rate can vary if you set up your own beauty business, as you have the power to set your own rates, as well as additional charges for things a such as travel if you are a mobile service.

Roles and responsibilities

When it comes to the roles and responsibilities of professional beauty therapists, these include:

  • Extensive knowledge about their craft. A successful beauty therapist must be clued up on all the latest beauty treatments and products to ensure their clients receive the best possible results.
  • Being able to execute their treatments with exceptional levels of care and professionalism, following proper health and safety protocols. Each client will be unique in their needs, and so it is the job of a beauty therapist to ensure any allergies or health conditions are taken into account.
  • Consulting thoroughly with clients to achieve the best results, physically and aesthetically.
  • Offering advice on treatment upkeep and aftercare, as well as booking in any required follow-up appointments.
  • Ensuring clients feel cared for and listened to – perhaps the most important skill of a successful bearth therapist.

A day in the life of a Beautician

A beautician’s day will often look a little something like this:


Getting their equipment ready, ensuring they have all the tools and products they need, as well as following proper cleaning and sterilisation protocols. It is also important to keep a note of any products that may need restocking.


A diary is a beauty therapist’s best friend. They will need to keep on top of all bookings and appointments, making sure they have enough time between each to reset their equipment station.

Down to business

The day begins! Beautiful treatments and good conversation will make the day speed by.

Clean-up and aftercare

Clients should always be sent off with the proper aftercare and guidance to help them maintain the results of their treatment for as long as possible. Between each treatment, it is imperative that beauticians clean and sterilise their stations between treatments.

Come back soon

Keep them coming back for more by booking in their next appointment before they go!

Why should you be a Beautician Technician?


Being in charge of your own business is super empowering – you can set your own work hours, choose your clients, even set your own pay rates.


Being self-employed is a super flexible way of working, allowing you to fit appointments in around your daily schedule.


Being a beauty technician is a wonderfully sociable job. You will meet all kinds of people and make a difference to their day by offering them a beauty confidence boost!

Skills needed to become a Beautician Technician

Hard Skills:

  • Technique – Knowing the proper beauty treatment techniques is the bread and butter of any successful beautician – get working on those tricky techniques!
  • Knowledge – Having a backlog of beauty knowledge is the perfect toolkit to call on for all and any situation you may occur in the salon.
  • Business skills – Knowing how to keep your business organised, keeping on top of appointments as well as maintaining efficient admin will keep your business running smoothly.

Soft skills:

  • Communication – Maintaining good and efficient communication with your clients and partners is the backbone of any long-standing and successful beauty business.
  • Creativity – Adding your own unique touch of creative flair to your work will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • People skills – Arguably the most important skill of any business owner, making sure clients feel listened to and cared for should be top priority.

How to become a Beautician Technician

Step 1

Follow your passion – with so many beauty therapist avenues to take, it can be hard to know which one to take. Finding a sector you are passionate about is the first vital step to any successful beauty career.

Step 2

Training is one of the most beneficial things you can do if you want to become a successful beauty technician. Whether you have previous experience or are starting from scratch, extra training never goes amiss!

Step 3

The practicalities – this is the time to ask yourself where you see yourself and what you want for your business. Do you want to be freelance? Is there a larger company or salon you would like to work with? What is your brand? How do you fit into the industry?

Step 4

Setting things into motion! Once you have a clear vision for yourself and your business, your training is in order and you are ready to go, it is time to bring your hard earned work to fruition. The world is your oyster!

How easy is it to start your own Beautician Technician business?

Like anything worthwhile, starting your own business will take time and energy, but by taking it step by step it can make things more manageable:

Step 1 – Having a keen interest in beauty is the most important first step! Having passion for what you do will show in your work and earn you a loyal and enthusiastic client list.

Step 2 – Getting those skills to a high level is the foundation of any successful beauty technician. Once you are firm in both the practical and theoretical foundations of the job, the only way to go is up!

Step 3 – Practice makes perfect. Taking every opportunity to practise and hone your craft will stand you in excellent stead. Rope in family and friends – they’ll love it!

Step 4 – Now for some self-promotion! Whether through social media, recommendation, working for existing brands or setting up partnerships and collaborations with other beauty companies, getting the word out there about your top-notch lash skills is the best way to gain momentum.

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